RevGenetics Stem Cell Pro IV: ProxyStem Core Formula With PQQ
RevGenetics Stem Cell Pro IV: ProxyStem Core Formula With PQQ
RevGenetics Stem Cell Pro IV: ProxyStem Core Formula With PQQ

RevGenetics Stem Cell Pro IV: ProxyStem Core Formula With PQQ

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  • .NEW FORMULA: Stem Cell Pro IV: Proxy Stem™ Core Concentrate Formula - Targets Many Areas Of Stem Cell Research With Mental And Senescent Cell Health. New Formula! Promotes recovery after vigorous exercise, supports reaction time and mental acuity, along with an NAD+ boost, and has been developed by experts in the anti-aging field, the patent-pending Proxy Stem™ - Glowing Skin? Good Memory? Fast Reflexes? It Supports These And More - 90 Capsules - Stem Cell Areas Of Cellular Research - 1 Serving is 1 Capsule.

  • The new formulation does away with overlapping gene activating ingredients and now contains many ingredients to support the following:
  • 1- The AMPK Gene. This gene is a key energy sensor in cells that exerts pro-longevity effects in multiple species. In a just-released UCLA study, researchers showed in an animal model that by increasing the amount of AMPK in the body, they could increase healthy lifespan by approximately 30% [1]. Proxy Stem Ingredients that activate AMPK: Proxy Stem Proprietary Complex includes the following ingredient which is demonstrated to activate AMPK: EGCG
  • 2- mTOR. This is a protein encoded by the mTOR gene, regulates cell growth, cell survival, and cell proliferation. “In mammals, a decline in stem-cell function is likely to be an important cause of age-related pathology. There is increasing evidence that mTOR has a central role in this process and that inhibition of mTOR can preserve, and perhaps even rejuvenate, stem-cell function in a variety of tissues.”[2][3] Inhibition of  has also been shown to increase lifespan in a mammal model: [“mTOR inhibition has extended mouse mean lifespan by 33%,” 1/16/11 post to the GRG; per Dr. John Colman, and Ref. Proxy Stem Ingredients includes the following 2 ingredients which are demonstrated to inhibit mTOR: EGCG (Green Tea Extract), and Silybum/Silymarin. In addition, both Caloric Restriction (CR) and AMPK are shown to inhibit mTOR.
  • 3- Nrf2. “Nrf2 [a protein messenger found in every cell], is referred to as the ‘master regulator’ of the antioxidant response, modulating the expression of hundreds of genes, including not only the familiar antioxidant enzymes but large numbers of genes that control seemingly disparate processes such as immune and inflammatory responses.” [4] As “a guardian of health span and gatekeeper of species longevity,” [5], Nrf2 also plays an essential role in supporting Stem Cell health. [6][7] Proxy Stem Ingredients include the following four ingredients which are demonstrated to activate Nrf2: Milk Thistle Extract/Silybum, Vitamin D3, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), Ashwagandha.
  • 4- ProInflammatory Pathways. “Recent scientific studies have advanced the notion of chronic inflammation as a major risk factor underlying aging” (‘inflammation’) [8][9] Important research has also demonstrated that age-associated inflammation inhibits stem cell function [Ref. 9 Blasco’s Hallmarks of Aging] & [10], and impairs the function of the stem cell niche environment. [Ref. 10.] As per [1/16/11 post to the Gerontology Research Group]: “Adult stem cells are also limited by the poor micro-environment that builds up as we age (e.g., due to inflammation, oxidative stress.”) In addition, further reinforcing the interrelationship of multiple aging and longevity pathways, “A reduction in Inflammation is proposed to be a primary mechanism by which dietary restriction promotes longevity and health span.” [Ref. 2.] Proxy Stem ingredients include the following ingredients which help reduce Inflammation or inflammatory markers: Milk Thistle Extract, Vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, Green Tea Extract, Folate. 
  • 5- Endothelial Cell Health. Endothelial Cells as “Cardiac Stem Cells”: Stem Cell Complex supports the health, replicative capacity, and functional lifespan of critically-important endothelial cells, which in a very recent, breakthrough Vanderbilt study, have been discovered to function as cardiac stem cells: “Endothelial cells residing in the coronary arteries can function as cardiac stem cells to produce new heart muscle tissue. The heart has long been considered to be an organ without regenerative potential.” [11][12] Proxy Stem ingredients include the following ingredients which help preserve and extend Endothelial Cell health and cellular lifespan and help to delay endothelial cell senescence: Milk Thistle Extract/Silymarin, including the following ingredients that help produce or enhance Nitric Oxide (NO), which is demonstrated to delay endothelial cell senescence including Green Tea Extract (EGCG). Plus the following ingredient helps maintain healthy levels of Homocysteine, which otherwise accelerates Endothelial Cell senescence [13]: Folate.
  • 6- Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Stress, a major contributor to aging, accelerates cell senescence, including Stem Cell and Endothelial Cell senescence, and also negatively impacts the Stem Cell niche environment. “Aging is characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and inflammation, each of which may inhibit normal stem cell function.” [14] “Oxidative Stress, in particular, has emerged as a common feature that limits stem cell maintenance and disrupts function. Oxidative stress is particularly relevant to stem cells because it damages all cellular macromolecules, including DNA.” [Ref. 14.] “In addition, aging of the organism impairs the function of the stem cell niche and systemic signals, including chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.” [Ref. 14.] Also again, as per [1/16/11 post to the GRG]: “Adult stem cells are also limited by the poor micro-environment that builds up as we age (e.g., due to inflammation, oxidative stress.”) “Endothelial cells are particularly susceptible to ROS-mediated dysfunction not only because of reduced cell viability and increased senescence but also because one of the major endothelium-derived factors that help to protect against atherosclerosis, nitric oxide, is rapidly deactivated by superoxide radical.” [15] Proxy Stem ingredients include the following ingredients which fight Oxidative Stress: Milk Thistle Extract, Vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, Green Tea Extract, Folate.
  • 7- Mitochondrial Health and Function, including the production of Glutathione. “Mitochondria are the powerhouse of mammalian cells and the main source of reactive oxygen species (ROS) associated with oxygen consumption. Also, they also play a strategic role in controlling the fate of cells through regulation of death pathways.” [16] “The mitochondrial free radical theory of aging proposes that the progressive mitochondrial dysfunction that occurs with aging results in increased production of ROS, which in turn causes further mitochondrial deterioration and global cellular damage. Mitochondrial function has a profound impact on the aging process. Mitochondrial dysfunction can accelerate aging in mammals.” [Ref. 9: Blasco’s Hallmarks of Aging.] “Aging is characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and inflammation, each of which may inhibit normal stem cell function.” [Ref. 14.] The Vital Role of Glutathione to Mitochondrial Function and Cellular Lifespan: “Mitochondria are exposed to the constant generation of oxidant species, and yet the organelle remains functional due to the existence of an armamentarium of antioxidant defense systems aimed to repair oxidative damage, of which mitochondrial glutathione is of particular relevance.” [Ref. 16.] Proxy Stem ingredients include the following ingredients which promote Mitochondrial-targeted Glutathione production to reduce age-associated mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation, and which help preserve Mitochondrial function and cellular lifespan: Milk Thistle Extract, Folate. 
  • 8- Catalase, which is a “Longevity Determinant Enzyme.” and another potent mitochondrial-targeted Antioxidant. Several ingredients in Stem Cell Complex have been shown to increase the activity of Catalase, a major Antioxidant enzyme that not only positively impacts Stem Cell health and functional lifespan, but has also been shown in multiple studies to increase both median and maximum Lifespan in a mammal model (Study 1: Median and Maximum Lifespan +17-21% vs. Control; Study 2: Median Lifespan + 20% and Maximum Lifespan +10% vs. Control)[19][20][21][22] Proxy Stem ingredients includes the following ingredients which are demonstrated to increase Catalase and Catalase activity: Milk Thistle Extract/Silymarin, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), Ashwagandha. 
  • 9- Biogenesis, We have added PQQ, as it triggers "Mitochondrial Biogenesis" that increases the number of mitochondria in cells, these are the powerhouses of your cells. Since the "energy-hungry" organs are your brain and heart, we believe these will benefit greatly from PQQ. [23][24][25] When you combine these miraculous nutrients, you're not simply protecting your stem cells, mitochondria and ensuring your cells have enough fuel to make energy... are MULTIPLYING the number of power generators in each of your cells and experiencing superior human levels of energy. We at RevGenetics believe you are taking a giant leap toward the feeling of "activated youth" with our newly formulated Proxy Stem. The fact is that mice in experiments, with the strongest mitochondria, simply showed no signs of aging. Even when they were the equivalent of 80-year-old men and women.
  • 10- Senolytics and Blocking of Senescent negative effects, We have added a new ingredient that not only showed senolytic activity in human skin cells (human dermal fibroblasts) but also delayed the acquisition of the senescent phenotype, and helped maintain a younger cell type in human cells. [26] Proxy Stem core ingredients include the following ingredient which in labs has shown to support the preservation of cells, extend cell health and help to delay cell senescence: Goldenrod.
  • 11- NAD Booster for cellular fuel and recoveryWhile NAD+ ingredient is common in many supplements, we have decided to use a low-cost NAD+ booster for this formulation to make sure it fuels many of the gene activating ingredients properly while taking into account the latest research on Cancer and NAD+. Sugar like NAD can be used by all cells (good or bad). Presently Inhibitors of the enzyme NAMPT, which is required for NAD biosynthesis from NAM, are in clinical trials for cancer treatment, based on their potential to deplete NAD and thereby block cancer growth [27]. Certain cancers cannot make NAD from NA, which led to the concept of rescuing normal cells, but not vulnerable cancer cells, from NAMPT inhibition using NA [28]. With this new information on NAD and how it can fuel all types of cells, we have decided to use NA as our ingredient of choice to help boost NAD+. The reason is that it uses a different pathway to boost NAD+ which is used primarily in healthy cells not deficient in NAPRT1. Cells deficient in NAPRT1 may end up or are likely to be tumors (according to the study), and the bad cells would not benefit from NA because of the way it boosts NAD+.
  • The reasoning for our use of NA to boost NAD+ is simple, to attempt to boost NAD+ only in healthy cells*.   
  • We have a clean label, with no additional ingredients such as magnesium stearate or other items we do not need in this formulation. We only use the ingredients shown and HPMC for the veggie capsule and as a flow agent for ingredients.

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