RevGenetics MetaCurcumin 277 x Super Curcumin + TetraHydroCurcumin
RevGenetics MetaCurcumin 277 x Super Curcumin + TetraHydroCurcumin
RevGenetics MetaCurcumin 277 x Super Curcumin + TetraHydroCurcumin

RevGenetics MetaCurcumin 277 x Super Curcumin + TetraHydroCurcumin

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  •  This new more powerful formula now contains Tetra Hydro Curcuminoids (The White Curcumin), which are shown to be more active and more absorbable. MetaCurcumin 277x Super Curcumin - 60 Liquid Capsules, Non-GMO, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Sugar, Dairy Free & 24 Hour Support As Curcumin Has Been Found After 24 Hours In The Plasma Of People Who Take This Liquid Curcumin. This high absorption product is made for women, but strong enough for men. 
  • The MetaCurcumin liquid micelle Curcumin human bioavailability study outperformed the human studies done for whey Curcumin complex, the Sabinsa C3 ® complex study, Long Vida ® study, BCM95 ® study, LEF's Super Biocurcumin ® Study, Meriva ® Study and even those studies that use BioPerine ® and Black pepper. Yes, this product even beats common tetra hydro Curcumin (in oil or dry) in absorption, as our Curcumin nano-encapsulation technology using micelles far surpasses regular Curcumin in oil absorption.
  • This product has Micelle Super Curcumin. In addition, this new formula has added Tetra Hydro-Curcuminoids to make each capsule a powerfully Enhanced Spectrum Turmeric Liquid Capsule.
  • What about Liposome Curcumin? Yes, MetaCurcumin beats that as well.
  • We are so sure MetaCurcumin will beat your turmeric curcumin that we provide a money-back guarantee if it doesn't.
  • 1 serving of MetaCurcumin Maximum Strength is powerful: Imagine taking 23.2 grams of dry powdery standard curcumin a day. Even if it amounts to taking 1 capsule per gram... that is still 23 large capsules a day! Nobody wants to take 23 large capsules a day.
  • Since micelle curcumin has an absorption of 277 times that of standard curcumin (clinically proven in women), you would only need to take... (Calculated: 23 Grams / 277 = 83mg of micelle curcumin).
  • Yes, you would only need to take 83mg of Micelle Super Curcumin in MetaCurcumin to equal the amount your body absorbs when it takes 23 grams of that other powdery standard curcumin in a ridiculous amount of capsules. 
  • MetaCurcumin micelle curcumin + TetraHydroCurcumin beats all other tested super curcumin products (including liposome curcumin products) we have seen. The charts below compare MetaCurcumin's micelle curcumin liquid against popular curcumin products and materials sold. MetaCurcumin micelle turmeric curcumin easily beats all of those seen in both bioavailability and speed of absorption. Regular curcumin is also usually not found after 24 hours in the plasma because it has been excreted, however, we have seen that some MetaCurcumin is still found in plasma even after 24 hours. This is the only product we have seen that does this to a significant degree

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